The organisation’s main objectives are to:

 To provide Educational, advocacy and counselling services for children living with chronic diseases such as HIV and other lifestyle diseases so as to
     decrease incidence through boot camps and educational game shows.
 To provide the youth with interventions focusing on teenage pregnancy, drug, alcohol, and substance abuse so as to increase retention in schools
 To address any emergency situations and disasters that are health related especially in rural communities.
 To assist the youth in identifying and exposing their talents so to reduce the number of youth affected by teenage pregnancy, alcohol and drug abuse,
    unemployment as well as violence.
 To promote community based income generating activities/ projects for the youth in order to reduce unemployment and alleviate poverty
 To provide mentorship and training for skills development through programmes that includes people living with disabilities and youth.
 To contribute in capacity building of healthcare professionals in the province through health congresses.
 To implement sports and recreation based programmes in rural communities  as a way of promoting healthy lifestyles.
 To provide HIV screening and testing to youth during educational game shows
 Organize recognition awards to dedicated Department of Health’s (DOH)  employees and self-employed healthcare professionals by the end of
    November every year so to motivate and show appreciation to them for the good work that they do