We have added a new and exciting category of “Community Health stars” where community home based care organizations will also be recognized for the good work they do in combating HIV/AIDS and TB.

Nominate or enter if you meet the criteria below:


  1. Formally registered as an NPO.
  2. Operating in any community around Mpumalanga.
  3. Dealing with HIV/AIDS or TB patients.
  4. Evidence on how you go an extra mile to assist patients in the community.
  5. Have Any skill development for employees done over the past year (May 2018 to June 2019).
  6. Have any success stories to share with the province.
What are the Health Excellence Awards?


Health Excellence Awards (HEA) is an annual gathering of medical doctors, dentists, nurses and other healthcare professionals in Mpumalanga.

  • They are recognized for their outstanding services for saving lives and improving wellbeing of citizens.
  • Raising the standard of health in the province by living the doctors’ oath
  • The awards are a motivation and inspiration to health professionals to do more & go an extra mile
  • Attended by 700 health practitioners –to sold out event (They buy tickets)
  • There are 20 categories
  • The doctors and health professionals are nominated by community members
  • Once nominations are done -HEO conduct due diligence and shortlist final nominees
  • Nominees are voted by public via SMS
Voted Category
  • Specialist
  • General Practitioner
  • Dentist
  • Dietician
  • Radiographer
  • Optometrist
  • Pharmacist
  • Psychologist
  • Nurse
  • Speech therapist
  • Physiotherapist
  • Occupational therapist
  • Audiologist
  • Social worker
  • Retired
  • Long service
  • Youngest Specialist
  • Ideal clinic
  • Ideal Hospital


This is where health care professionals are honoured for different sub-categories such as:

  • Retired
  • Long service
  • Healing the body & soul
  • Only specialists in that province


This is where the Health care professionals who made a difference in the lives of the community they served are honoured. Their families are invited to the ceremony and receives the award on behalf of the deceased.


This award is for a team who strive to deliver the best possible quality of health and social care for people in Mpumalanga.

This award aims to recognise the excellent quality of care and service delivery associated with any service area, anywhere in the province. The team might be involved in providing excellent care at a special clinic (such as Diabetic or Eye clinic), Ward, an Outpatients Department or within your local GP or Dental Surgery.

Tell us who your Top Team is, where they are based and why their input to health care provision is so special.

Please note your nomination must be for a team working in a private or public institution (delivering integrated health and social care services)


This award is for an individual, a group or a team developing innovative ways to improve the quality of healthcare and the health of the nation to bring about service improvements such as new ways of working, faster access to services or new treatments or technology or through research.

This award aims to recognise individuals or teams who have taken a creative approach to provide any clinical or non-clinical service, including research that has brought about significant improvements in quality, safety or productivity within health and social care in SOUTH AFRICA.

Tell us about the person or group of people working either within the Department of Health or for another organisation you want to nominate whose work has led to ground-breaking opportunities for health and social care improvement in SOUTH AFRICA.

Please note that this award is open to individuals and teams.